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Painting moving water

Watercolour exercises 26 (7)   Watercolour exercises 26 (8)

I took some photos of Dollis Brook. The shapes in the water reminded me of Barbara Nechis’ paintings, so I returned to the watercolour markers and did a couple of sketches on the A5 W&N sketchpad which is intended for the markers.

Watercolour exercises 26 (6)

Quick sketch on location at Dollis Brook, water running over some rocks, on A6 9x14cm 111lb sketchpad, W&N watercolour sticks and pencil.



Painting still and disturbed water (cont)

Watercolour exercises 26 (5)

From a photo of where I did the sketch below; I tried using white wax crayon but it hardly shows at all. Practice paper 15″x 11″, W&N watercolour sticks.

Watercolour exercises 26 (4)

Kenwood pond with ducks

Watercolour exercises 26 (3)

Running water and a bowl with wavy water

two sketches on A5 watercolour sketchpad with W&N watercolour sticks