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Aerial perspective in rural landscape (cont)


Watercolour exercises 24 (11)

Another study in rural landscape. Kenwood Dairy, this time looking towards the Heath from the Dairy. I enjoyed Huang Hsiao-Hui’s layered, almost veiled, painterly style and have tried to give that sense of transparency in this painting, but had also wanted to try to emulate the vast colourful spaces, intersected with lines in Elaine Daily-Birnbaum’s painting, whilst still creating an example of rural perspective.

Practice paper, Winsor & Newton watercolour sticks, various brushes and masking fluid, as previous study.

Aerial perspective in rural landscape

Watercolour exercises 24 (10)

Study of a landscape, the Sphagnum Bog on Hampstead Heath on practice paper 280 gsm Fabriano NOT watercolour paper, Winsor & Newton watercolour sticks, sable 0/2 – 10, 2″ hobby brush and large squirrel brush, masking fluid and wax.

On a research point, I like the granular effect of the paint in Frank Perrot’s paintings and thought this might be worth exploring even in a landscape painting, but perhaps better suited to rock formations which is later. And I like the way Elaine Daily-Birnbaum simplifies her shapes without losing volume or significant detail.

Aerial perspective urban landscape – painting

Watercolour exercises 24 (9)

Continuing preparation, trying out different effects, on practice paper, using Winsor & Newton watercolour sticks and Cotman brushes, in particular the square and fan shaped ones, also a decorating brush and large squirrel brush.

Edit: this painting actually does more or less everything I wanted it to, so I will say this is the finished exercise.

Aerial perspective urban landscape – painting (prep)

Watercolour exercises 24 (8) Watercolour exercises 24 (7) Watercolour exercises 24 (2) Watercolour exercises 24 (1)

I want to do this painting differently but am not sure how, so I have been trying out different ideas. One was following the idea of the easter eggs with the watercolour markers. The other two are done on practice paper: 280gsm Fabriano NOT watercolour paper 15″x11″ and Winsor & Newton watercolour sticks. The first was applied dry and then painted over with water and the second applied directly as paint. I tried to be inspired by Tan Suz Chiang’s large expanses of colour to suggest spaces.