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Painting trees; Painting animals in the landscape; The human figure in the landscape

Watercolour exercises 27 (5)

Fabriano 15″x11″  280 gsm NOT paper. W&N watercolour sticks, sable, hobby brushes and masking fluid.

Watercolour exercises 27 (4)  Watercolour exercises 27 (3)

Quick studies to decide on colours for March view, using Watercolour sticks, on A4 ‘whatever’ sketchbook.

Watercolour exercises 27 (2)

Drawing of same avenue as below, but in March; trees without leaves.

Watercolour exercises 27 (1)

Sketch of an avenue of trees in Kenwood, from a picture taken in October, with leaves. A5 300gsm NOT, Watercolour markers.

Painting moving water

Watercolour exercises 26 (7)   Watercolour exercises 26 (8)

I took some photos of Dollis Brook. The shapes in the water reminded me of Barbara Nechis’ paintings, so I returned to the watercolour markers and did a couple of sketches on the A5 W&N sketchpad which is intended for the markers.

Watercolour exercises 26 (6)

Quick sketch on location at Dollis Brook, water running over some rocks, on A6 9x14cm 111lb sketchpad, W&N watercolour sticks and pencil.



Aerial perspective in rural landscape (cont)


Watercolour exercises 24 (11)

Another study in rural landscape. Kenwood Dairy, this time looking towards the Heath from the Dairy. I enjoyed Huang Hsiao-Hui’s layered, almost veiled, painterly style and have tried to give that sense of transparency in this painting, but had also wanted to try to emulate the vast colourful spaces, intersected with lines in Elaine Daily-Birnbaum’s painting, whilst still creating an example of rural perspective.

Practice paper, Winsor & Newton watercolour sticks, various brushes and masking fluid, as previous study.