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Painting on the spot

This is about the difference between being able to see the actual landscape and looking at it through the eye of the camera, but I find that the painting I did from the photograph was as much about my memory of the place as being there, minus the cold, rain and discomfort. So whilst it is probably less time consuming to do a painting on the spot, I am not sure whether for me it is such a great improvement.

Watercolour exercises 22 (6)

Strangely my painting on the spot, though trying to be true to the place looks more like an old sepia photograph than the one before!

Building a picture (cont.)

Another sketch (A4) using W&N watercolour markers, but applying the marker straight to the page instead of trying to achieve accuracy of colour. I was thinking of the paintings David Hockney made on his ipad, which did not necessarily match the colours accurately but were trying to convey an impression of time and place. The marker has two ends, a brush and a ‘fine’ nib. The fine side is like a felt tip pen; I would prefer if it was like a fineliner, but that may well be my mistake, not using the marker to best advantage as it is.

Watercolour exercises 21 (8)

And the beginning of the A3 (140 lb) painting for the exercise made with my usual watercolour pans and brushes below.

Watercolour exercises 21 (9)

Exploring greens outside

Started the outdoor painting, am not venturing far at this stage, to the pear tree at the bottom of the garden. It is progressing slowly. Rain is unhelpful and so are the birds! They are much more fun to watch from outside, something I would not normally do on a wet and cold day. There is a little group of longtailed tits that are like a troupe of circus acrobats!

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