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Colour (cont..)

Warm and cold colours

Watercolour exercises 15 (5) Watercolour exercises 15 (6) Watercolour exercises 15 (7)

Watercolour exercises 15 (8) Watercolour exercises 15 (9) Watercolour exercises 15 (10)

Quick sketches to explore colour. Three citrus (seen at time of painting); sunrise, sunset and holly (from memory);  for colours used see sketchbook 1, 34-35; all on one sheet of watercolour NOT, 140lb, 30″x22″  (6 of 9 sections) see below.

Watercolour exercises 15 and 12





Still life with colourful objects

Watercolour exercises 15 (3)

Colourful objects using complementary colours and also different shades of one colour.   Blue cloth (ultramarine and cobalt blue), Green pillow (sap green, yellow ochre and burnt umber) Yellow chicken dish (the yellow for the banana, red for the apple, sap green and cadmium orange), Yellow banana (cadmium yellow, lemon yellow and burnt umber) Red apple ( Cadmium red-orange, purple lake and some of the green and yellow).