“Landscape painting from mixed sources” 


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Assignment 3

I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to paint and let my photos of the area help me to make that decision. The backlighting seems counterintuitive, as I think I would instinctively want the subject in the foreground to be well lit, but I really liked the wintery effect of this. It was also influenced by Turner’s paintings. He seems to often have painted facing the sunlight.

Taking two photos, focusing on sky and land separately is a good way to see both clearly.

The right colour was difficult for me, or at least the colours that felt right to me. I had struggled in the two earlier paintings of the dairy with the dark background trees, not wanting them to dominate the picture and I think in this painting I have found the right balance. The background recedes and yet gives the impression of darkness. But it was a struggle as can be seen in the sketchbook. The painting I have saved in my gallery by Turner with a tree in the foreground, influenced my colour choices. The sky, for instance was a bright blue, but I added some yellow to it, similar to the colour in Turner’s painting and I think it works well.

Finding the right way to portray the bright sunshine behind the tree was also a challenge, I mixed a small amount of Cadmium Yellow with Burnt Sienna to create a warm haze, and I think it is effective.

Kenwood is certainly an area I would like to return to, this tree for instance is a beautiful Magnolia in the spring and the Rhododendrons in front of the Dairy will be interesting to revisit when they are in full bloom (my painting alrealy has hints of purple in it).


The paper used was A3 140lb NOT watercolour paper.

My watercolours are still mostly Winsor & Newton Cotman range half pans, though as they get used up rather quickly I have started getting some whole pans and they come in what is called ‘professional’ quality. No medium was used here other than water.

I used student quality sable brushes in varying sizes between 03 and 10.