it’s not about me

I’m having a little bit of trouble with magnification so I will try to reset my focus and dwell a moment on what Art means to me, what I am trying to say by painting, which to me is like another language, as are words, or music for instance. I am trying to give life its fullest expression, not me, but life!

What does life mean to me: it is both everything and a separate force that decides everything and makes everything. It does not belong to me, it belongs to everyone and everything and it really wants us to engage with it. That is the most important and that is what I need to be in touch with in order to make sense to myself.  Life is in everything, all creatures all rocks and plants, the weather and time, but it also exists as a separate force which helps us all the time to shape this planet and ourselves. This is what I try to listen to. It is not good or bad or hot or cold or up or down, it is all those things depending on need.

Each and every one of us, everything, has a separate relationship with life, but we can choose to listen to it, or not. Not ask it what we want, but listen to it. Like every relationship it has to be individual. There are no tricks, just keeping your ears, eyes and all your senses open.