Free Expression

The course now offers the opportunity to experiment, drawing on thoughts, memories and associations. We are reminded of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee in particular, who were probably the least formulaic in their search for authentic artistic expression. Both had strong associations with music; we are given some titles or we can choose our own.

Watercolour exercises 32 (3)Peacock and Bird_ 8 June 2015_

56 x 38 cm 

this was an image that made me think of a peacock, it turned out quite different from what I expected and the Bird only ‘appeared’ later

Watercolour exercises 32 (4)

Tree-lined Path_ 10 June 2015_

50 x 35 cm

a photograph I took of Dollis Brook looked to me like a tree-lined path from a different angle

Watercolour exercises 32 (8)

Sky-painted Sky_ 19 June 2015

56 x 38 cm

while I was trying to think of how to paint abstract, the sky painted something like this