Watercolour exercises 32 (2)Watercolour _ 5 June 2015 _

56 x 38 cm

For this I zoomed in to one of the photographs I took for the previous exercise. I wanted to remove the masking fluid but find it adds to the picture so I will leave it.

N.B. : I misread the instructions, magnification is meant to be about one image. So I will call the other two paintings “Free Expression” which is the next exercise and probably describes them better anyway. And I will continue with the image of the rose under magnification.

Watercolour exercises 32 (5)

Watercolour_ 13 June 2015_

56 x 38 cm

I tried to change light to dark and dark to light, using green, yellow and grey as a colour palette.



Watercolour exercises 32 (6)Watercolour_ 16 June 2015_

56 x 38 cm

Same image. Darkened midtones and printed both image and reverse, then cut them in half and collaged them, selecting an area to paint. I started with a small drawing to get used to the shapes.

                                                            Watercolour exercises 32 (6a) - Copy

                                                              Drawing_ 14 June 2015_ 12 X 8 cm



Watercolour exercises 32 (7)


Watercolour_ 18 June 2015_

56 x 38 cm

in monochrome