Research Point; Goldsworthy

Think about the differences between using pure watercolour and mixed media.

We are asked to look at the work of ANDY GOLDSWORTHY who uses the melting quality of water and gravity to create images which appear to be painted by nature itself. For instance Source of Scaur, made by mixing snow with ground red stone taken from Scaur water. He thrills at finding red stone everywhere in the world and sees a connection, a direct connection with us. The only reason our blood is red is because it contains iron, the same is true for the red stone. His love of nature is existential. As much, he says, as he would like to be able to work in a studio, he needs to be outdoors.

In 2003 he went to Nova Scotia for a commission and made a film showing the process of his work. He created an ice crystal sculpture weaving through a rock, like a meandering river. It kept breaking and when it did he was inconsolably cold, but in the evening, to his great delight, the sun conspired to set behind his finished sculpture, illuminating it, whilst a small hill provided a dark background to show it off. He comments in his video “it is water, the river and the sea made solid.”

Water has this remarkable quality and it can be celebrated equally well in its pure form as complemented or contrasted with other materials.