Mixed media on coloured and white paper; Sketchbook 2; 3,5

Starting with two sketches on white paper and then two sketches on paper I have coloured, this exercise will combine the use of mixed media and coloured grounds. I chose an image that, I think, lends itself well to abstraction.

Watercolour on sketchbook_ 6 May 2015_ 9 x 12 cm (images)

Watercolour exercises 30 (1)

Watercolour, mixed media on sketchbook_ 8 May 2015_ 9 x 13 cm (images)

Watercolour exercises 30 (2)

I used yellow ochre as a background. The top sketch is watercolour and gouache, while the lower sketch has pencil, watercolour, gouache, charcoal and oil pastel.

Watercolour mixed media_ 10 May 2015_ 15″ x 11″

Watercolour exercises 30 (3)

I liked the second sketch I did on coloured paper with all the media combinations so did the same with the first image, adding gouache, charcoal and oil pastels to the watercolour.

Watercolour mixed media _ 11 May 2015_ 15″ x 11″

Watercolour exercises 30 (4)

In these exercises I deliberately avoided any form of representation. Moving onto coloured ground was helpful in trying to be more experimental with colour and form, as well as not being constrained by issues of accuracy with the original.