Drawing on a coloured ground; Sketchbook 1; 57-59

These are two exercises to make us consider carefully the colour temperature. We seem to be given free rein about what medium to use, as well as watercolour: gouache, oil pastel, pencil, charcoal etc.

1.) The first is on a warm coloured background. I have chosen yellow ochre and am doing a sketch first although the course does not require it.

This is a painting of a small terracotta sculpture. Watercolour on sketchbook _ 17 April 2015 21 x 29.7 cm (paper)

Watercolour exercises 28 (5)  Watercolour exercises 28 (6)

Watercolour on paper_ 18 April 2015_ 29.7 x 42 cm

Watercolour exercises 28 (7)

2.) The second exercise is a ‘cool’ colour background . I have used Payne’s Grey and the image of ‘Two Piece Reclining Figure 5’ by Henry Moore, which is sited in the grounds of Kenwood House. First a sketch using oil pastels.  Watercolour and oil pastel on sketchbook_ 19 April 2015_ 29.7 x 21 cm (paper)

Watercolour exercises 28 (8)

Watercolour and gouache on paper_ 19 April 2015_ 42 x 29.7 cm

Watercolour exercises 28 (10)

Note: I am asked to notice the difference that working on a warm and a cool tonal background has. I liked that it made me concentrate on the lights and darks more than I do normally, but for me that was the same whether I worked with warm or cool colours.