Tonal studies made on a coloured ground; Sketchbook 1; 55-56

The course is gradually guiding us towards abstraction.

The origin of the word ABSTRACT is Latin, namely ab: from + trahere: to draw. The word has many meanings for the various uses, as indeed the verb to draw has many meanings, but for the purposes of this course I think the relevant one is ” of art that seeks to make an effect through form and colour alone”.

We are asked to paint the background different colours. Starting with sketches in the sketchbook. I struggled with the first image which was all various hues of reds and greens. The paint seemed to float on top of the green background and nothing stayed the same colour. Even white became green again as soon as it dried.

Watercolour exercises 28 (1)  Watercolour exercises 28 (2)

I decided to try a different image and that seems to be easier. Watercolour on sketchbook _ 16 April 2015 _ 29.7 x 21 cm (paper size).

Watercolour exercises 28 (3)


Watercolour on paper _ 16 April 2015 _  42 x 29.7cm

Watercolour exercises 28 (4)