Distance – Linear perspective drawing and painting (cont.)

Watercolour exercises 23 (2)  Watercolour exercises 23 (3)

The sun was shining, perhaps that was why I just had to throw some bright colours on a page. This is my ‘whatever’ sketchbook with Catherine Tate rather than The Tate in mind. I got my watercolour markers out and a collection of colourful ballpoint pens I got from the post office for 12p each and not caring a sausage whether the lines were straight or accurate or the colours anything like correct.

Also I had bought THE ART OF WATERCOLOUR magazine which has some glorious roses on the front. Inside I found some surprising images of different types of landscapes and very different interpretations. I have put a couple of pictures in the gallery section. My tutor says she does not want links but rather to see us trying to explain to her through our own painting what we see, or what we like about the images we see. So I have played around with the colours some more.

Especially the images by Barbara Nechis are very organic, the paint is applied as though the image is painted on flower petals.

When I tried it they looked more like easter eggs – whatever.