Sketches from different viewpoints

Watercolour exercises 16 (4) and same.. Watercolour exercises 16 (5)

turned 90 degrees Watercolour exercises 16 (6)

another 90 degrees Watercolour exercises 16 (7)

and final 90 degrees Watercolour exercises 16 (8)

This was first ever outdoor painting for me. Took a bit of preparation, cut the large 30″x22″ watercolour NOT 140lb paper into 9 slightly larger than A5 pieces for ease of transportation and use, a folder to work on. Sat on a blanket on the ground. Lots of other people stopped and took photographs of the area, a few stopped to chat and all dogs that jumped into the water were happily well behaved. It did get a bit chilly (n.b. bring hot drink in future) so did not do the last return view of the original picture, yet.  Changing light conditions made for interesting choices, and not too much of a problem with these very short sessions, none more than half an hour.