Tone and composition (cont)

Dramatic interiors

Watercolour exercises 14 (11)

We are meant to paint a view with an open door and I just realised I ‘removed’ the door from behind the chair as it was getting too complicated with all the diagonals. Especially with the two night view paintings I found the paint was leaving a lot of watermarks, and where lots of layers were added to make the tone darker, sometimes the brush takes away pigment rather than deposit it!

Watercolour exercises 14 (6)

Watercolour exercises 14 (12)

All the tone and composition images are on a 30″x22″ watercolour NOT 140 lb paper divided into 9 sections about A5 size, mostly in Payne’s grey. (below)

Watercolour exercises 14

Imaginary Rooms

Watercolour exercises 14 (10)

Watercolour exercises 14 (9)

The imaginary room is done in Alizarin Crimson and Viridian. Having done the other paintings first really helped to imagine where the lights would fall and how to manage the various shades. I think there is likely to be much less detail when it is imagined.

Vast expanses of one colour seem to create strange lines or creases or shadows. Sometimes they can be a pleasant addition, but on other occasions they are not. I’m sure watercolour has much potential for conveying mood and atmosphere