Drawing and watercolour

Quick watercolour studies – using just watercolour, no pencil or ink – in small A5 size areas of work. I have a 30″x22″ Watercolour 140lb NOT, this subdivides nicely into 9 areas of roughly A5 size. I prepared four colours: Cadmium yellow with orange, Cadmium red with Purple Lake, Hooker’s and Sap green with Burnt umber, and Alizarin Crimson with Viridian.

Watercolour exercise 11(1)

1. painting with medium size sable brushes to try to get the colours and tones approximately right. Yellow pepper, courgette and chilli pepper.

Watercolour exercise 11(2)

2. using paint as a pencil, just drawing the outlines in colour

Watercolour exercise 11(3i)


3. pooling the paint, not to bring out any detail but again the outline, but this time with no lines.