Other tools for watercolour

Blotting and wiping

Covered a sheet of A4 watercolour NOT 300g paper in an even layer of blue paint, still using the mixture of Purple Lake and Viridian which can blend to a phthalo-like shade of blue.

Then, while the paint was still wet and using a dry sponge I tried to make a cloud effect in the top half, as instructed… to not much effect, it has to be said, so I soaked the sponge in water and that had the desired effect.

Watercolour exercise 10(6)

After the paint had dried I added another layer of blue, having added more of the same two pigments to my prepared mixture, to create a kind of seascape. We are advised to continue in this manner, adding more layers to create, eventually, a dark blue seascape with ‘drammatic clouds’.

Watercolour exercise 10(7)

To my mind, this is very satisfying! The above image is with two layers, I will add more in due course.

Watercolour exercise 10(6c)

Watercolour exercise 10(6d)

And a final deep coat of blue…

Watercolour exercise 10(6e)