Making marks in different ways

Exercise: Unusual brush marks

Trying a few marks with a toothbrush, a dish washing brush, and a size 30 decorator brush on a piece of A4 NOT watercolour paper, the marks took quite well, though I had to try and work out how to hold the brushes, as obviously they were not being used in the usual way, in order to make a mark that was different but felt authentic with regard to the brush I was using.

Watercolour exercise 10(1) Watercolour exercise 10(2)

I wanted a quick refernce to the marks I had made in my sketchbook but found that the smoother paper did not have the same result at all! (see sketchbook 1; 19) So it is not only the choice of brush but even a small change in the grain of the paper makes a big difference.

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Exercise: Using various brushes

First covered a sheet of A4 watercolour paper with marks made by toothbrush and using up the old paint I had mixed for the previous project, Purple Lake and Viridian, mixed to various degrees.

Watercolour exercise 10(4)

We are asked to lift off half the paint with a dry paper towel, that creates some nice variation. Here the lower half has been treated that way.

Then I soaked an A4 watercolour NOT 300 g paper in water for a few minutes until it was totally soaked through, dried it a little and, using the same colours again but this time with a dish washing brush made marks all across the page.

Watercolour exercise 10(3)

I then lifted off the paint over half the page with a dry towel. It can be clearly seen that the effect of this is drastically different when the paper was wet to begin with!