Fading tones cont…

Looking at Elizabeth Blackadder on YouTube, how easily she applies the watercolour paint and how much nuance she achieves in just one brush stroke I continued to practice Fading tones, trying to achieve a variety of tones either immediately or upon reapplication of the paint.

It is surprising to me how much I can continue painting without having to add water or paint, perhaps this is due to the brush being quite large, size 10, and having a large holding capacity, whilst still allowing for gradual application.

In particular I have been learning to lift the brush at the end of the stroke so as not to end with a big blob as I had been doing initially.

This is quite satisfying, I am already starting to toy with the brush strokes I will want to use in leaves and fishes… and elephants ( I saw an ad for The Elephantom, a kids play with life size puppet blue elephants).

A4 watercolour NOT 300g Phthalo blue, sable 10

A4 watercolour NOT 300g
Phthalo blue, sable 10