Loading the brush and Fading tones

Loading the brush and Fading tones

Loading the brush and Fading tones

Loading the brush with lots of water made it very difficult to paint with any degree of accuracy, only very washy effects seemed to be possible.

Drying the brush and only dipping the tip made it easier to control but the colour was greatly reduced, so more colour would be needed.

Brushes filled with water but retaining a ‘point’ seemed to do the trick, a good amount of colour but varying thickness of line was possible.

Using a dry brush to soak up extra liquid is a good idea though I think using the tip of some absorbent paper may be just as effective.

The fading exercise was a little tricky initially as evidenced by the not so gradual fading of the pink colour, but I learned to dilute the colour with clear water and that seemed to have a more even effect as seen in the orange.